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Team Of One Filmmaking
You're a solo filmmaker, but that doesn't mean you're alone. We're here to help make team of one filmmaking much easier for you.
"I’ve never found such crucial information laid out so well that walks through every aspect of the filmmaking process from start to finish."—Tyler Roberts
5+ Hours of Tutorials Specific to Solo Filmmakers
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Be Mentored By Working Pros And Have Your Questions Answered
Watch the first episode absolutely FREE
Watch the first 4 lessons absolutely FREE
What Solo Filmmakers Are Saying...
"The Team of One Filmmaking tutorials have been some of the most valuable examples of how to handle a video production business I’ve ever come across. Anyone just starting out, or needing to give your existing company a boost, would find these tutorials worth their valuable time."—Emrys Roberts
"It can be scary going it alone, but I'm finding great comfort knowing there are many other filmmakers out there just like me and we're all sharing our experiences and stories. Thanks for creating this curriculum, it's an awesome resource to have!"—Scott Gold
"I have a family to raise and I want to support them with my dream job - being a filmmaker while running a business. For weeks I was banging my head on a wall... where to start?! Then I found the Academy, and particularly the Team of One Filmmaking class. The light has shined and I couldn't be more thankful."—Kyle Wilson
"If you're a team of one filmmaker, you can't afford NOT to be a member of the Academy."—Tito West
"I feel like the Team of One series showed up at just the right time—like a good friend who has my back and is showing me the ropes. I don’t feel as alone, and I feel armed with really solid, practical advice. The teachers present the information very clearly and concisely, but in a way that feels friendly and laid back. I love the whole “fly on the wall” feel of the series, as we get to follow around a successful videographer as he completes a project."—Ruth Eckles
"The class has been amazing. Working alone, it's been hard to completely trust the decisions I've made. The class has given me a lot more confidence and I can now better trust my decision making abilities."—Timothy Marriage
"Team of One Filmmaking is right on point! As a beginner one man band I find these series super helpful - life changing helpful!"—Deividas Paulauskas
"Thank you so much for the work you put to come up with this amazing series of tutorials to help people like me that are starting on their own and need a push to become better filmmakers."—Max de la Fuente
"Team of One Filmmaking...WOW. What an amazing class you folks have put together and SOOOO applicable for, I believe, a large majority of the up and coming cinematographers/videographers of the world. Thank for you Story & Heart for blessing my heart and filling my mind with such goodness!"—Kiersten Williams
Watch the first episode absolutely FREE
Watch the first 4 lessons absolutely FREE
Learn from, connect with, and be inspired by a community of thousands of professional filmmakers.